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Reuniting Families: Family-Based Petitions In Orlando

At Ivanor Law Firm, our lawyers understand the significance of family unity and the complexities involved in bringing loved ones together across international borders. Our team of experienced attorneys focuses on facilitating family-based petitions, guiding individuals through the process of reuniting with family members residing in other countries.

Navigating Family-Based Petitions

We assist individuals in initiating family-based petitions, including cases where a spouse marries someone overseas or when seeking to bring a loved one from another country to the United States.

Adjustment Of Status

Adjusting status through family-based petitions is a viable pathway to securing lawful permanent residency (green card status) for individuals already residing in the United States. Our attorneys navigate the complex process, ensuring compliance with immigration laws and facilitating the adjustment to permanent residency for spouses or family members.

Understanding The Process

Family-based immigration involves various steps, including submitting Form I-130 (Petition for Alien Relative) to establish the relationship between the petitioner and the family member seeking immigration benefits. Our team provides comprehensive guidance, assisting in the completion of required documentation and submissions to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Bringing Loved Ones Together

Facilitating the process of bringing loved ones to the United States involves strategic planning and adherence to legal procedures. Our attorneys work diligently to expedite the family-based immigration process, ensuring a smooth transition for families to reunite and thrive together in the United States.

Reunite Your Family

Initiating a family-based petition demands experienced legal representation. Contact us today for a confidential consultation to embark on the journey of reuniting your family. We speak Spanish. Call 407-255-2065 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.