Trish Quarles Ivanor Law Orlando Miami

Trish Quarles

Lead Paralegal

My name is Trish Quarles and I am the Head Paralegal of our Domestic Relations Department and our Office Manager.

I obtained my Associate Degrees in Paralegal Studies and Private Investigations from Southern College in 1995.  I then obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Columbia University in 2000.  

I graduated from Barry School of Law in 2003 and ran a successful Domestic Relations Law Firm until I “retired” in 2017.

Although I no longer practice law, I bring my years of experience and expertise in Domestic Law to our Law Firm, as a Paralegal.

Ivanna Cuevas Ivanor Law Orlando Miami

Ivanna Cuevas

Legal Assistant to Attorney Ivanor

My name is Ivanna Cuevas and I am Legal Assistant to Attorney Ivanor. I was able to complete my Bachelor’s In Science with a Major in Criminal Justice from the University of Central Florida.

I am currently enrolled at Florida A&M University College of Law as a 2025 Juris Doctorate Candidate. I have a desire to publicly serve our government and our people. When I can help a person in need of legal assistance, I feel tremendous satisfaction and a sense of self-worth. I am focused on using my abilities and education to assist others in whatever way I can throughout my career.

Outside of work, I enjoy partaking in spontaneous activities and enjoy traveling the world.